This website has been developed with funding from the Government of Alberta. The information within comes from a group of experts comprised of educators, physicians, government representatives, career counselors and International Medical Graduates.



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The Alberta Association of Career Colleges (AACC)

The Alberta Association of Career Colleges (AACC) is one of a Canadian network of provincial associations which provide membership services and benefits to private Career Colleges across Canada. The Association consists of member post-secondary institutions offering over 200 different licensed programs. The AACC expands opportunities to provide quality private post-secondary education by fostering cooperative working relationships with industry and government regulatory bodies and increasing public and industry awareness of the quality of private post-secondary institutions and the programs members provide.

Alberta Health Services (AHS)

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is a province wide entity that provides acute healthcare for all Albertans. International Medical Graduates are employed within Acute Care facilities as Clinical Assistants. Dr. Neil Gibson participated on this Board in his role as Associate Zone Medical Director for Acute Care Coverage within the Edmonton Zone and is responsible for advising on the placement of International Medical Graduates.

Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC)

Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC) is a small robust not-for-profit organization that seeks to effectively and efficiently connect newcomer professionals with strategies such as mentoring and networking which are designed to lead to successful employment outcomes

The Career Development Association of Alberta (CDAA)

The Career Development Association of Alberta (CDAA) is a professional and voluntary association that was established and registered with the Societies Act in 1997. CDAA is a recognized leader that advances the career development profession through strategic outreach and partnership activities and provides services and supports to aspiring and practicing career development professionals

Deepak Lama 

Deepak Lama’s progressive experience in career education is combined with his MA in Cultural Anthropology and MPhil in English—Interdisciplinary Studies. His key experiences include teaching, qualitative research, writing, career coaching, and community involvement for crafting happiness. He has co-authored comprehensive series of textbooks in general/citizenship education and English as foreign or second language. His research also focuses on quest narratives in the intercultural milieus of human consciousness. Currently, Deepak works at Bredin Centre for Career Advancement as Facilitator/Career and Employment Coach.

Edmonton Catholic Schools

Edmonton Catholic Schools are committed to offering a Christ-centred, competency-based learning experience for all learners.  Every facet of our learning system is aligned to offer an excellent Catholic education that inspires students to develop the conceptual and procedural understanding needed for successful learning, living, and working in Alberta and beyond.  Edmonton Catholic Schools serves 43,400 students in 96 schools.  As one of Alberta’s Top 75 employers, they employ 4,300 staff, including teachers and support staff.

Edmonton Khalsa School 

Kirti Soni, representing Edmonton Khalsa School: We believe that all our students are unique individuals who are striving to do their best and every day is a new learning experience. We inspire and engage our students through a positive environment which is further fostered through a wide variety of projects and innovative learning plans. All these learning opportunities are possible with the support of well educated, experienced and compassionate staff. We heartfelt give out our regards to our supporting, parents and community members.

Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council (ERIEC)

Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council (ERIEC) helps skilled immigrants integrate into the Edmonton regional labour market through mentorship and networking programs.

Lucy De Fabrizio

Internationally Educated Teachers Bridging Program
University of Alberta  

Manish Kharel 

Manish Kharel, MA, is an expert career advisor to Internationally Educated Teachers, Lawyers, Bankers, Wealth Managers, Investment Advisors, and many other professionals. He has over 18 years of experience in academia, non-profit and banking industry in Canada and abroad ranging from teacher, high school principal, investment specialist to career advisor. Manish is an avid learner who loves leveraging rapidly evolving tools and resources to help internationally educated professionals navigate their career and employment activities in Canada. In his spare time, he engages in biking and strolling outdoors to relish in the delights nature offers.  He participates in various philanthropic activities through national and international agencies.


Nada Ali, MA (Program Coordinator)


Nada has seven years of experience working with Internationally Educated Professionals in health care fields. As a Career Coach, her clients have included International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and who she helped to navigate both Practice Readiness Assessment and Residency licensure pathways as well as Alternative Career Pathways. Currently, Nada works as the Program Coordinator for Bredin’s Alberta Registered Nurses Assessment Program (ARNAP) assisting Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) to be become Registered Nurses (RNs) in Alberta.

Pivotal research

Based in Edmonton, Pivotal Research Inc. is a national provider of research consulting services with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Pivotal Research provides evidence-based insights that enable smart decision-making for businesses, non-profits, and government organizations using an integrated suite of qualitative and quantitative research tools. 

Planning for Canada

Planning for Canada – previously known as the Canadian Immigrant Integration Program (CIIP) – provides services to economic and family class immigrants before coming to Canada. We help newcomers prepare for their move, settlement and employment in Canada! Services are offered in person in India and Philippines or online world-wide, in English or French. Planning for Canada is funded by the Government of Canada and implemented by Colleges and Institutes Canada.